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How to choose a roller (roller)

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The role of conveyor in modern industry is increasing, such as coal mines, power plants, ports, automated packaging lines, all industrial areas have their shadow, whether it is dusty factories and mines, or spotless modern pharmaceutical packaging production line, or Is the environment of the corrosive environment of the chemical industry is to face the environment, then the core components of the roller to bear the pressure can be expected, so the choice of high-quality roller, the future of its conveyor safety Failure and turn to be important, then how to choose high-quality roller, should pay attention to what:

1, should pay attention to the quality of the roller tube, good roller special welding straight seam pipe should be evenly wall thickness, inside and outside without modification pits, the car after the weld should be no groove marks or convex marks, welding surface no wrong surface cracks and other defects The

2, sealed, TD75-type seal effect is generally less than DT Ⅱ type seal, so TD75-type seal to be more stringent, sealed outside the seal cover and the bearing seat does not appear different phenomenon, then the side of a larger gap, so that external dust, The water is easier to enter the inside of the roller seal.

3, the roller rotation resistance, high-quality roller bearing and seal in the assembly of a certain amount of lithium-based grease, so the roller in the experimental rotation of all the rotation resistance from the bearing within the lithium grease sticky Force, when the roller in the normal use of more grease lubricated bearings to extend its life, and poor quality roller in the assembly time to reduce its cost, less or put lithium base grease, the use of the roller in the process is not To fully lubricated, the roller life is greatly reduced.