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Concrete Mixing Station-Nylon Conveyor Belt

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Rubber conveyor belt is the main transmission parts of the concrete mixing station, the quality of the merits of the mixing station determines the production and production costs. Today's era is a fast-moving era, machinery and equipment to replace the heavy labor, cost reduction, a substantial increase in production. Mixing station oblique belt feeder as an important part of the transmission of raw materials, equipment manufacturers have been mixing plant to consider the focus.

Nylon conveyor belt is the use of multi-layer nylon canvas for the tensile frame material, tensile strength, not delamination, elongation is small; cover the use of high-quality natural rubber processing, plastic content of up to 60% or more, China's conveyor belt national standards : GB7984-2003 on the tensile strength requirements is not less than 15 MPa, I can customize the factory 18 MPa, 20 MPa and other powerful conveyor belt.

We take 120 stations as an example, the belt width of 1000mm, conveyor belt skeleton with 5 layers of nylon NN200 canvas with a core, the total strength can reach more than 1000N / mm, the cover plastic design for the 4.5mm, under the cover of plastic 1.5mm. Division I usually use the cover plastic 4mm, under the cover of plastic 2mm, the next cover plastic thickening 0.5mm, the key is the long operation of the conveyor belt, the next cover the higher requirements of plastic, friction, should be appropriate thickening Cover the thickness of the glue, the service life can be extended. I plant in the mixing station to use the conveyor belt with the longest cycle of up to 8 years, the average life cycle of up to 3 years.