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Roller - ceramic - nylon - groove - buffer

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The roller is a belt conveyorOf the important parts, many types, large number. It accounts for 35% of the total cost of a belt conveyor, resulting in more than 70% resistance, so the quality of the roller is particularly important.

basic introduction

  1. According to the material is divided into rubber roller, ceramic roller, nylon roller and insulation roller.
  2. There are mainly slotted roller group, all kinds of parallel roller group, all kinds of aligning roller group, all kinds of buffer roller group.
  • Trough roller is a conventional type idler, forward tilting roller, quick change bearing type roller, hanging type roller, three chain roller, reversible roller, variable slot angle roller, transition roller, V-type roller;
  • Parallel roller has a common type of roller, comb roller, forward tilting roller, steel roller type, spiral roller, etc .;
  • Aligning roller has a universal type, friction reversible roller, strong roller, cone roller, spiral type roller, combination roller and so on;
  • The buffer roller has spring plate type roller, cushion type roller, strong cushion type roller, adjustable elastic type roller, hanging roller and so on;

Ceramic - Nylon - Groove - Buffered