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Large angle conveyor belt

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Large angle conveyor belt

(EP canvas, steel core) and transverse rigid reinforcement layer; in the belt body to join the lateral rigid reinforcement layer, to solve the large-scale rib conveyor belt collapse problem.

Ribs: according to the role of the ribs and the overall belt with the operating characteristics, to increase the ribs of the plastic content, in the ribs inside the patch of nylon cloth as a skeleton layer and other measures to enhance the resistance of the anti- Crack, improve the service life of the ribs

Partition: The use of rubber and fiber composite material mixing process makes the partition quite large, high hardness, enhanced impact resistance, to avoid the deformation due to its larger force.

Baseband, ribs, baffle bonding: the use of secondary synchronous low temperature continuous vulcanization of advanced technology to improve the bonding strength, and to avoid the high temperature vulcanization and aging baseband.

Large angle conveyor belt

Features: Applicable to the transmission of 0 ° ~ 90 ° inclination of bulk materials. It has the characteristics of wide range of use, small footprint, no transfer point, reduced civil construction investment, low maintenance cost and large conveying capacity. Can not be achieved in the transport angle; can also be based on the use of the environment, designed to complete, independent of the conveyor system, to avoid intermittent transmission and complex transmission of the lifting system.