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How to buy a V-belt   (For More Information Please Visit Alibaba International Station)

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How to choose a V-belt

1, select the model selected models should be selected with theV-beltSo that the V-belt in the pulley groove will appear abnormal situation. For useV-belt, It is best to bring the old to the agricultural sector to buy, to prevent the model wrong.

2, the correct installation before installation will beV-beltInstall the same way in a groupV-beltAre fitted.

3, to prevent the string slot when the pulley, the two pulley center must be aligned, otherwise it will causeV-beltUnilateral work, wear serious, reduce the life of the V-belt.

4, elastic appropriateV-beltThe tightness must be checked regularly to meet the requirements.V-beltToo loose is not only easy to slip, but also increase the V-belt wear, or even can not transmit power; too tight, not only will make the delta belt elongated deformation, easy to damage, but also cause the engine main bearing and clutch bearingsDue to excessive force, and accelerated V-belt wear. The correct method of inspection is: hand in the middle of each tape, the application of about 2 kg of vertical pressure, sinking amount of 20-30 mm is appropriate, inappropriate to be timely adjustment.

5, old and new Mo or double or three or moreV-beltNeed to replace, to use the specified modelV-belt, And requires each groupV-beltTightness consistent.

6, to prevent the use of pollution to preventV-beltOil and muddy water, to avoid contact with acid, alkali and other corrosive substances to prevent slippage and corrosionV-beltWhile early damage.

7, the daily maintenance of the machine and the user in the usual driving to master the correct operating essentials, in accordance with the instructions of the technical requirements, try to avoid fierce start and brakes; should also prevent frequent overload operation;V-beltStored separately.

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