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  • Manufactured by steel pipe especially for high precision roller, compared with ordinary steel pipe, the diameter and wall thickness tolerance,bending degree,ovality is very little which can make the roller have minimum radial play eccentricity,strong load,low shaking and less noise
  • High precision and brightness cold drawn shaft with 1045 material
  • Rollers are fitted with deep groove 2RS and 2Z bearing with C3 and C4 internal clearance with HRB,SKF,NSK,TNT,FAG brands.
  • Bearing Housing formed by punching many times which can assure high precision. The wall thickness is 1-2mm thicker than DIN standard which can increase 40% stability and roller’s carrying capacity. It can make the roller not deformed even working under overload environment and increase roller’s lifetime.
  • TK contact multiple labyrinth seals made of nylon,ABS have great advantage in water and dust resistance

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