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  • 1.The circle pattern has a large coefficient in friction
  • 2.It can increase the resistance during the movement
  • 3.It can prevent the slip down of materials
  • 4.The tip angle of the V pattern type is on the central line which makes the carried materials can be collected to the center.


It is applicable to transfer the granularity with the size under 50mm, such as

coal, detritus, grit, foodstuff,and ther soft packaging things.

The inclination can be 30 degrees at the most.

Due to different areas of use and operational requirements, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of open and closed profile designs.

Cleat design and type
Profile widthBelt widthPulley Ø
spacing between profiles and height in mmmin. mmmin. mm
245, 150, 13300250
310, 200, 10350250

390, 250, 13450250
550, 300, 15600250

450, 500, 30500400
600, 330, 30650400
720, 520, 30750400
Belt Width300-2000 mm
Fabric MaterialNN, CC, EE, EP
Plies of Fabric1-10
Belt Thickness5-60 mm
Top Rubber Cover Thickness1.5-30 mm
Bottom Rubber Cover Thickness0-30 mm
Tensile Strength of Single ply of Fabric100-1000 N/mm
Tensile Strength of Rubber Cover5~25 MPa
StandardISO, RMA, DIN, AS, JIS


1. Water-proof nylon wrapping package

2. Standard and suitable export package for marine transport

3. As customer's request

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